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Academic Conferences and Public Lectures

"Design me a House"/
"What is Your Preferred Way of Living?"

keynote speaker
Conference 'The Domestic Fantastic:
Prospective Houses, Homes & Domestic Habitats'

Royal Danish Academy, Copenhagen
30 November, 2023

Invited by Dr. Nicolas Thomas Lee

(Royal Danish Academy)

A Multidisciplinary Perspective on the City:

The Anywise Conference in Seoul, 1995

paper presentation
Symposium of Urban Design History and Theory (SUDHT)

TU Delft, Netherlands

1-3 November 2023

Session Chair: Janina Gosseye

(TU Delft)

Redefining Architecture from an Undecidable ‘Anybody’:

The Anybody Conference in Buenos Aires, 1996

paper presentation

Critic|all V : International Conference on Architectural Design & Criticism
TU Delft, Netherlands

10-11 October, 2023

Session Chair: Mariana Wilderom (FAUUSP, Universidade de São Paulo)

Writing Alternative Histories of Disaster Relief: Architecture and Humanitarianism

co-session chair

(with Fatina Abreek-Zubiedat)

Society for Architectural Historians (SAH 2023) Annual Conference

Montréal, Canada

12-16 April, 2023

Unlocking a Multidisci-plinary Discourse on Architecture and the City: The 1996 Anybody Conference in Buenos Aires

paper presentation

Ngā Pūtahitanga / Crossings: A Joint Conference of SAHANZ and the Australasian UHPH Group

University of Auckland,

25-27 November 2022

Session Chair: Cameron Logan

(The University of Sydney)

Emigrant Exchanges: Éliane Castelnau and Post-Independence Moroccan Architecture Culture
paper presentation

(with Tom Avermaete)

Society for Architectural Historians (SAH 2022) Annual Conference

Pittsburgh, USA

27 April 27- 1 May, 2022

Session Chair: Elisa Dainese

(Georgia Institute of Technology)

Gender and Urban Sociology Lectures


Public Lecture Series Fall 2021

ETH Zürich

The Chair of the History and Theory of Urban Design hosts a series of methodological lectures that explores key theories and concepts in the field of gender and urban sociology. his lectures series is part of the seminar The City Lived - Unlocking a Multidisciplinary Discourse tutored by Dr. Cathelijne Nuijsink.

Comment Vivre Ensemble: Gifu Kitagata Housing and Arata Isozaki's Urban Gestures

paper presentation

Histories of Urban Design Conference

ETH Zürich, Switzerland
15-17 November, 2021

Session Chair: Hannah leRoux (University of Witwatersrand)

Multiple Authorship: The Collaborative Production of Knowledge in the Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition (1965–2020)

paper presentation

The Great Strength of the Collective! Conference
Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space/Bamberg University

Bamberg, Germany

17-18 September, 2021

The Architecture Exhibition as Contact Zone: Towards a Historiography of Cross-Cultural Exchanges

session co-chair

(with Tom Avermaete)
Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) Annual Conference 2021, Montréal



“Plan-less,” “Non-movement,” “No Style”:
Dialectic Strategies in the Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition

paper presentation

Criticall IV Conference 2021
Sao Paulo, Brazil/ Virtual Conference
24-25 March, 2021

Session Chair: Vanessa Grosmann

(TU Delft)

Architects Revitalising a ‘Liquefied’ Japan: Shared Housing and Bottom-Up Community Building

paper presentation
17th Annual International Conference of the Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA 2020)
Nottingham, UK

19-21 November, 2020       

Session Chair: Hélène Frichot

(University of Melbourne)

Rem Koolhaas’ House with No Style: the 1992 Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition Forging a “Space of Ideas”
paper presentation
The Practice of Architectural Research:
Perspectives on Design and its relation to history and theory Conference
KU Leuven & Antwerpen University, Belgium
8-9 October, 2020

Session Chair: David Vanderburgh (UCLouvain)

Architecture Competition as Cross-Cultural ‘Contact Zone’
invited guest lecture
PhD Arts Program,
Leiden University, Netherlands
18 September, 2020

Invited by Dr. Joost Grootens

(Leiden University)

An Architecture Culture of “Contact Zones”

Prospects for an Alternative Historiography of Architectural Modernism

paper presentation

Society for Architectural Historians (SAH 2020) Annual Conference

Seattle, USA/Virtual Conference

April 30-May 1, 2020

(with Tom Avermaete)

Session Chairs: Maristella Casciato (Getty Institute) & Vikramaditya Prakash (University of Washington)

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